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Latest Star Trek Online Patch Tweaks Patrol Rewards

Since the absolution of the new Patrol UI, and the admittance of Patrol Missions in our accepted advancing Mycelial Crisis Event, we've been actual admiring to see the absolute acknowledgment we've apparent apropos this content. This is footfall one in a plan to be able to aggrandize this arrangement in the future, continuing to accompany added "bite-sized" agreeable options to the beginning of players' gameplay adventures in STO(Wikipedia). The actuality that players are agreeable with it, and giving us acceptable acknowledgment on it, helps reinforce those goals.

Now that the arrangement is live, we've apparent a few inconsistencies and adverse errors in the action that we're demography pains to correct. Correcting them involves modifying the rewards accustomed for agreeable in this content. All of the afterward changes either accept been made, or will anon go live, in an accomplishment to get the all-embracing acquaintance of active Patrols into a constant and advantageous state:

* Added Dilithium to Patrols in the new Patrol Arrangement that were missing it as a reward

* Adjusted Dilithium rewards to a added adapted amount for time spent playing

* Added a Daily Bonus for the aboriginal Patrol played anniversary day, per appearance (2x Marks and Dilithium)

* Adjusted erroneously-high XP modifiers that were present in Delta Patrols. This will alone abate the "End of Mission" rewards, and has no aftereffect on XP accustomed from acquisition enemies, nor any affect on Starship Mastery XP received.

* Increased the XP/MasteryXP modifier present on Patrol maps in the new Patrol Arrangement from 2x to 3x.

Some ups, some downs, and we're still evaluating absolutely what role Patrol agreeable is advised to ample in the game, now that the affection is in the easily of our players. Your connected acknowledgment will advice us abide to accompany Patrols into a accompaniment we can be assured about, and anybody can enjoy.  More latest news from MMOtank!