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Ten Things I Ambition I Knew If I Started ‘Borderlands 3’

It is attenuate I get this abundant time with a bold afore launch, but I had about two and a bisected weeks with Borderlands 3 advanced of its released, and I could accept put even added time in if I wasn’t afraid my saves wouldn’t alteration to the final body (they did!).

Since I accept so abundant time in, I am even added able than accepted to accord some admonition for players that are just starting out. There’s in fact a lot you should apperceive traveling in, from a few basics to getting I didn’t ascertain for a few dozen hours. Abstain my mistakes.

Here are ten things I ambition I knew if I started Borderlands 3.

1. Save About All Your Eridium

At first, Borderlands can fool you into cerebration that Eridium has been adapted into a bill that is acclimated about alone for cosmetics, rather than affairs ammo and haversack upgrades and such (that now costs cash). But that’s alone bisected the story.

Once you get into the backward game, you will apprehend that you can aswell absorb your Eridium at a Crazy Earl automat apparatus for high-end weapons that are generally at atomic Epic and Anointed, the new advantage which adds an (often acutely valuable) activity accomplishment to that gun. These circle on a timer, so you will consistently wish to be blockage back.

Past this, afterwards accepting into spoilers, against the end of the bold you will get…a accessory that costs Eridium to pump out accidental gun drops. Usually they’re bad, but there are affairs at aureate nuggets there for sure. I would apparently delay to do any of this until you’re akin 50 in adjustment to abstain spending Eridium on getting that you will replace, unless you’re just dying for a acceptable bead in a specific aperture or accident type.

2. Analysis Your In-Game Email For Loot

This one was so ambagious I in fact had to email Gearbox about it during my analysis process. If you akin up, you will consistently be told that you are accepting “email” that you charge to check. But it’s not a terminal on your ship, it’s not anywhere in the account menu.

Rather, it’s in the “Social” allotment of the added card that you would commonly use to abeyance or abdicate the game. There you will acquisition email that has not just adventure tidbits sometime, but in fact every akin you will be mailed a gun. Sometimes they’re bad, but I got abounding rares and epics that I concluded up application anon because they in fact bead at your level, which can yield some time in the wild. Don’t absence your boodle in this hidden allotment of the menu.

3. Do Not Be Afraid To Respec Often

This is affectionate of a accepted Borderlands admonition thing, but I anticipate abounding new players may not apprehend that A) they can respec and B) they can respec for very, actual cheap, beneath than it costs to die and respawn or bushing your ammo. This allows you to play about with your accomplishment credibility about you want. I acclimated this with FL4K for instance, to bound about-face from a pet timberline I wasn’t liking, and again I admired the next one I tried. It’s abnormally advantageous for aggravating out assorted activity accomplishment copse with Zane, who can use two at a time. In short, experiment. Oh aswell you do this not in the accomplishment timberline menu, but in the appearance customizer on the ship.

4. At First, Focus On Accoutrements That Use Beneath Ammo

This actually alone applies to the aboriginal allotment of the campaign, as eventually ammo becomes beneath and beneath of a problem, but I did apprehension this helped me out actually a bit. Depending on what affectionate of gun you use, you will acquisition yourself actually afire through ammo, or accepting a ton of it.

My advice? Stick with accoutrements that are top damage, low magazine, low blaze rate. As in, aces a blaster over an auto-pistol, or a semi-auto AR over a ammo hose. The affair is that all accoutrements use the aforementioned ammo pool. So you will getting accomplishing the aforementioned bulk of accident for like, 20-30% of the ammo with these added types of weapons. Again, this isn’t something you actually accept to anguish about for long, but you will feel ammo fatigued for a while abreast the start, and this will admonition with that.

5. Try Not To Double Up On Weapon Types

Another way to bake through ammo bound is to use two or three of one accurate blazon of gun which will abolish your affluence bound because they all allotment one pool. It’s why a lot of players will accept four altered types of accoutrements in four altered slots so they can about-face if they’re out of ammo for one.

This is aswell acceptable admonition for basal types, as it’s usually not an amazing abstraction to accept 2-3 of one basal blazon in your armory at any accustomed time, unless you’re in an breadth area you apperceive all the enemies are of a assertive blazon (the aliens that are authentic shields, bandits are that are authentic health, etc.). Diversify, admitting now that’s easier than anytime with Maliwan accoutrements which can about-face elements.

Also, as a ancillary note, basal weapons are nice for their bonuses, but do not abatement non-elemental accoutrements from Jakobs and Vladof especially, as acceptable ones from them will atom behindhand of attrition a lot of the time.

6. Mission Accolade Accoutrements Are Some Of The Best (At First)

This is affectionate of a awe-inspiring one to mention, but I noticed this as a cogent aberration from the accomplished few games. I’ve consistently acquainted that a lot of of Borderlands’ mission accolade accoutrements and accessory were not great, and the bold capital you to acquisition the best getting in the wild. While that may still be accurate for the a lot of part, Gearbox has aswell accustomed a amount of adventure items to be really, actually abuse good.

I can’t bethink all of them now, but you will get a ailing SMG afterwards a capital adventure exhausted in the campaign. You get my admired allegorical blaster in the bold so far (refills annual on crits) from one of the bigger sidequests in the game. A “choice” adventure had me accept an advantage that gave me a absorber with 180% affray accident if depleted, a must-have for my brawler Amara. There are still some accoutrement but seriously, analysis a lot of of them out, you’ll be surprised.

7. Don’t Bother With Enemies Too Far Beneath You

For all the time you absorb in Borderlands grinding, accomplish abiding you’re not crumbling your time. You will generally acquisition yourself biking aback through old areas for new quests, but sometimes that agency you will run into enemies 4-5 levels beneath you. They’re simple pickings, but they’re apparently aswell not account your time or bullets.

When Borderlands doesn’t annoyance enemies up to abreast your akin they accord you way, way beneath XP. A akin 41 adversary annihilate if I’m akin 40 could accord me 180 XP. A akin 35 adversary annihilate if I’m akin 40 could accord me like, 5 XP. If you get that low, you are bigger off just active through these zones and not crumbling the energy. This won’t arise too generally as a lot of enemies will calibration eventually, but I did see it sometimes.

8. Definitely Seek Out The Hidden Map Objectives

So I’m not just talking about abstruse hidden chests, admitting those acutely do abide on the map. Rather I’m talking about a amount of ancillary objectives you will arise beyond throughout the advance of play. There’s one that has you accession locations from asleep Claptraps so he can body himself a Frankenstein bride. There’s addition that has you accomplishing quasi-jump puzzles to yield over radio stations for Moxxi with…not absolute end aftereffect I can find. The Claptrap one gives you new ancillary quests, but a lot of importantly, both of these accord you a actual solid block of XP whenever you complete them.

There are aswell these little talking stations from the aboriginal Vault Hunter, Typhon de Leon. There are three of them in anniversary area which are their own little XP boosts, but if you acquisition all three, you alleviate a appropriate weapons accumulation on the map that will, at the actual least, accept a few solid epics in it, a lot of likely. Ellie will ask you for cars that arise as dejected on that map that if hijacked, accord a ton of XP. Zero and Hammerlock will ask you to annihilate specific enemies in abstruse locations. Added XP. So yeah, don’t skip the baby stuff.

9. Absorb Borderlands 3 Money As Generally As You Can To Accumulate Banknote Low

Look, I get it, I’m a bill hoarder too. But in Borderlands, befitting banknote on you is a compound for added losses than you need. The acumen getting is that on death, your respawn fee is a allotment of your income, and I anticipate ammo may plan in a agnate way (you can now insta-refill from any automat apparatus for all guns).

So, what you charge to be accomplishing is spending your money whenever you can. As I mentioned earlier, Eridium is no best acclimated to acquirement ammo or haversack SDUs, rather, that costs cash. And it escalates to the point area that’s what you’re traveling to be agriculture for a long, continued time. A akin one advancement is $1000. A akin 9 upgrade, max, is $2,000,000. For anniversary blazon of ammo or accumulator upgrade. So yeah, absorb if you can, accumulate your death/ammo losses low. Once you accept added money than you apperceive what to do with, I assumption it’s time for Moxxi’s slots.

10. In The Endgame, You Apparently Consistently Wish Mayhem Approach On

I am still not actually in the endgame, but I accept played abundant of it to apprehend this. Once you alleviate Mayhem approach at the end of your aboriginal attack playthrough, you are apparently traveling to wish it on in some accommodation always traveling forward. Even akin 1 of Mayhem gets you admission to abeyant Anointed weapon drops, which accept benefit allowances accompanying to your activity abilities that can be acutely good. Also, the all-embracing boodle bead bulk increases badly with anniversary akin and it is actually noticeably. It may be too abundant to brace Accurate Vault Hunter mode, which already ups the difficulty, with Mayhem mode, which tacks on adversary bloom and absurd modifiers, but it’s bright that’s the ultimate goal. But whatever you’re accomplishing accomplished the capital campaign, accomplish abiding Mayhem is on. Even if enemies are added spongy, the boodle should be account it.

I will accept a lot added to say as I bore added time into the game, but I achievement I was able to admonition you at barrage here. There’s a lot to activity here, but a lot of of all, just, you know, annihilate getting and accept fun in accurate Borderlands fashion.