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W0W Classic: Loot Exchange System

Unavailable during W0W Vanilla, the loot swap system will appear in W0W: Classic, allowing players to exchange unwanted items, as recently reported by W0W official.

While many players were wondering about the upcoming loot system in W0W: Classic(W0W Classic Gold), W0W official announced that the trading system would be available in this remastered version of W0W Vanilla, but only partially.

As a reminder, originally W0W did not offer a system of exchange of loot. Thus, if a player got Baron Vaillefendre's Rune Blade while he already possessed it or did not use it, he could not exchange it with his classmate in great need.

Although this is one of the facets of the original W0W that so many players seem to be looking for, W0W official announced that this system would no longer be fully applicable in its Classic version. Thus, the loot exchange system will only be available during raids, but not pending, in all instantiated content for which more than 5 players are required.

Note: The particular case of LBRS (Lower Blackrock Spire) has been raised by the community. During Vanilla, it was a 10-player instance, but will it be considered as a raid or as an instance in W0W Classic? No information has yet been given on this subject, but if we look at the color of the instance's portal, then it would be a content considered to be a 5-player instance of its blue portal, rather than green for raids, therefore ineligible for the loot exchange system.

Here is W0W official's official announcement on this subject:

The loot swap system was added to the Wrath of the Lich King expansion to solve a common problem: A player could accidentally pick up an item for another player. The item could also be delivered to the wrong character via the loot master option. It was then necessary to contact W0W official to transfer the object to the right recipient, which could take several days. We want the exchange of loot to be active in W0W Classic because the result will be the same: the right person receives the object without anyone losing time.

However, we have heard your concerns about potential abuse that could occur in groups of 5 players. Indeed, it is possible that a group of 4 players knowing each other prevents the 5th, a solo player, from obtaining the desired loot. In a much larger raid group, the distribution of loot depends on how many players and raiders know each other, and how they distribute the loot.

Taking these parameters into account, we decided that the two-hour loot swap system in W0W Classic will only be applied to related objects found in raids. Linked items obtained in 5-player content will not be tradable. This will prevent players from wasting too much time, while minimizing potential abuse of the system. We believe that this approach best meets the concerns of players on this subject.

Thus, you will be able for two hours, from the time you picked up an object, the Blade of Obsidian Blade from the Heart of the Magma for example, to exchange it with all the people in the raid . On the other hand, if you get the aforementioned Baron Vaillefendre's Runeblade, it's hopeless, you'll have to keep it for yourself no matter what.