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Our Madden 18 Wild Card Weekend simulation results

Which team keep and will progress their path?  Here are outcomes of every Card game.

For soccer fans throughout the planet, this is the beginning of what should be a massive weekend to start the NFL Playoffs.  Wild Card weekend is all about underdog by going up against some tough competition, teams that have fought their way all season long.

An whole year's worth of hard work, practice, and implementation finally comes down to this.  The winning team advances to continue their journey.  The team that is losing begins the offseason as they will be sent home packing looming over their heads for a lengthy time.

These Madden 18 simulated results were performed with specific parameters, so what's done and fair with the latest rosters.  Here are the parameters for these simulations:

Absolutely no consumer games were played

Screenshots were taken after having Super Sim

Settings comprised All-Pro difficulty, Simulation sliders and six-minute quarters

Without further ado, let us get right to every Madden 18 simulated matchup!

The Tennesee Titans will, regrettably, be without running back DeMarco Murray in this Wild Card matchup that will undoubtedly influence their superb racing strike.  Despite the defense of the Kansas City Chiefs, Murray could have been a difference-maker, on what running back Derrick Henry can do to compensate for his absence, but all eyes will be.

In this simulated Madden 18 matchup, the snow did not stop the Titans from looking after business as quarterback Marcus Mariota went 30/40 for 354 passing yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.  As he finished the game rushing yards on 24 attempts and two 20, Henry rose to the occasion.  The Titans defense held their own after they had been torched by end Travis Kelce who was the receiver of the game with eight receptions for 122 yards and a pair of touchdowns after the match was within reach for the Chiefs.