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'Forza Horizon 3' in 4K Now Supported by Xbox One

"Forza Horizon 3" has joined the ranks of other names in the "Xbox One X Enriched" list, an exclusive pool of matches the newest Microsoft console can improve by supporting 4K resolution, higher frame rates, HDR support and much more.

With the new Xbox One X patch, "Forza Horizon 3" looks sharper than ever, because of 4K support and HDR features.  In many ways, improving the racing game for your Xbox One X is simpler in comparison to other names, provided that "Forza Horizon 3" already supported HDR displays from the box when it first launched, based on VG 247.

The new Xbox One X Improved patch takes it a step further, providing players the complete 4K resolution experience on the brand new Microsoft console.

The patch also requires a couple of graphics settings up several notches, with the improved "Forza Horizon 3" now sporting more comprehensive car reflections, enhanced shadows, updated textures for terrain and roads, in addition to increased detail levels.  Draw distances are extended, too, which makes it easier to pick out features even far out to the horizon in 4K resolution.

All the upgraded hardware packed to the Xbox One X still can not guarantee a smooth 60 frames per second for the match, sadly, as Eurogamer points out.  The physics system of "Forza Horizon 3" is fixed as it is, and programmer Playground Games wisely opted to adhere to a constant 30 frames per second for the Xbox One X improved upgrade.

In the movie below, Digital Foundry and Microsoft compare the Xbox One X improved "Forza Horizon 3" to its PC version, with just a few subtle differences concerning quality.  The Xbox One X augmentation patch came out on Monday, Jan. 15.