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Neverwinter MMORPG adds some bite

A Concise History of the AmazonDepending on the present Dungeons & Dragons narrative, it sees adventurers find the lost city of Omu after lengthy exploration throughout the jungles of Chult.

"Those who've run the D&D tabletop campaign could get an inkling of what challenges await anyone foolhardy enough to plumb the lowest levels of the grave.  Not just the archlich Acererak himself but also his invention -- an atropal -- an undead abomination which Acererak attempts to thrust into godhood with the energy of spirits collected by The Soulmonger.

According to Foss, this beastie makes the preceding big bad -- a T-Rex known as the king of spines -- seem like a dwarf.

"Have you noticed how big the Tyrant?!"  He told Dragon+, describing this exceptional creature.  "If they believed the king of spines was a struggle, the Tyrant is twice as large, and twice as lethal.  And it generates its own adds by spewing up zombies.  The Tyrant is an important participant in one of our Heroic Events, in addition to the Apex monster for the new searches."

"Epic trials place the coordination and teamwork of our most proficient adventuring parties to task and the Cradle of the Death God will be no exception!  What we're most excited about is that the cinematic quality the team has managed to achieve with the Cradle, so look forward to fighting through some wonderful surroundings as you make your way to the last showdown.  Facing off against an archlich and a fledgling god is going to be a real test of ability, so prepare yourselves!"

"The Cradle of the Death God functions as the finale for our Tomb of Annihilation narrative and is Neverwinter's latest epic trial.  

Foss says the upgrade also offers loads of additional challenges for gamers who have already finished the major Tomb of Annihilation storyline from the MMORPG, as they face a new Endgame Trial.