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Star Trek Online Getting Anniversary Event

8thAnniversary Party Poppers -- Captains can meet up with Q to evaluate a unique event party popper, which enables them to create exciting new results!

As far as what else will be included in the event, here is the rundown:

If you are a fan of Star Trek Online, you might want to prepare yourself to go where no player has gone before.

It will commemorate the game's eighth year in launch, and there is a lot you'll have the ability to partake in.

A date has not been awarded for the PS4 edition of the game, but it is expected to arrive sometime over the next few weeks.  We'll keep you informed when the developer announced a particular, ahem, celebrity date to the content.  It's guaranteed to be quite the trip for long-time lovers of the sci-fi show, in addition to newcomers looking to find out what it is all about.

LootCrate Giveaway-- Players can follow Star Trek Online on Facebook and Twitter to discover how they could enter to win a one-year subscription to the Star Trek Mission Crate out of Loot Crate, which provides exclusive Star Trek apparel and collectibles every 2 months.  Beginning at the end of the month, every crate will also have codes to unlock in-game things for Star Trek Online, such as starships, Bridge Officers, equipment and exclusive emotes.

Headlining the material is a new featured episode, known as Scylia and Charibdis.  In it, you should have the ability to rally the fleet to stand in the way of the Tzenkethi's path of destruction throughout the Alpha Quadrant.

Re-Engineering -- This new feature allows players to change the mods in their present items, including weapons.

Omega Molecule Stabilization-- Back by popular demand, players can combine this event to accumulate Omega particles that Q has concealed across space.  Stabilizing these molecules will yield prize vouchers, which may be redeemed for this year's anniversary boat, the T6 Denorios-class Bajoran Interceptor.