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​IMVU Launches 3D Decals

Text-based messaging has developed to its own language as a easy, quick, and effective system of communicating.   But restricted intent, tone, and emotion indicate some significance is missing on the receiver, even with additional emphasis utilizing animated or static emojis.  With the launching of 3D Stickers, IMVU has set out to present its millions of consumers a free and effortless way to market themselves within their very own personalized .gifs to state what they're saying in an enjoyable and visual method.  Along with messaging performance, the new attribute has a very simple and intuitive user friendly interface.   Within IMVU's multitasking feature, an individual has the capability to text their friends, add one of the 20+ different feelings icons, and also deliver their avatar and dialogue into life.

Launched in 2004 and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, IMVU is directed by a team that is dedicated to initiating the virtual reality market.

IMVU, the1 avatar-based social media welcomes users to combine a endless world where anything is possible, such as linking with individuals from all around the world.  It is here that the pleasure is infinite and truth is infinite.  The IMVU Virtual Shop is the biggest of its type, with a list of over 20 million user-generated, VR-ready products and rising everyday.  From collections which have the latest styles and throwback shoes to fairy wings and couture gowns, the market allows our customers to customize, personalize and stylize their 3D avatars and surroundings to their own hearts' content.  With more than three million unique users each month, our system is poised for future expansion and available on desktop computertablet computers and mobile devices.

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A game changer from the messenger class, 3D Decals take conventional emojis into another level by allowing users' own completely customized avatars to carry out popular activities and emotions (like .gifs).  The decals add a totally new dimension of calmness to messaging by attracting customers' discussions to life.  Consequently, users have the ability to connect on a deeper level with individuals from any place on earth.

To learn more regarding 3D Stickers, take a look at the IMVU site.