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​The Way to Boost Your Odds of Winning the Fight

Performance and Effectiveness

Knox's Adventurer Recruitment Purchase: The information in this Character Select / Character Creation screen now correctly state the brand new Item Level of 4700.

Guild Hall: Particular decorations no more fully evaporate upon being substituted, and rather correctly go back to the Warehouse.


The Travelling Retailer's store today needs a Rank 5 Marketplace to buy masterwork materials down from position 6.

Mount insignias can correctly be maintained after beating the last boss of a dungeon.

The accomplishment, "The Ascended," can currently be finished.


The accomplishment, Bear Your Sins, no more wrongly triggers deflect procs such as Frozen Reflection and Icy Aggression.


Vampire's Thirst now correctly activates when the participant triggers a Life Steal effect.

There's a known problem where, if a participant has the building window up in the time the Mysterious Merchant leaves, and re-summons the Mysterious Merchant, the retailer's inventory won't correctly cycle.

The Mysterious Retailer's shop should now correctly cycle its contents when re-summoned.

There's a known issue where credit isn't obtained when reaching Legendary, but rather when logging out and back (or possibly changing zones) together with the legendary thing from the stock.

Things and Market

Textures should more frequently unload if they are no longer desired, or decrease in quality when the game gets near its limitation of texture memory utilized.  This should enhance game performance and stability.

These modifications don't influence companions that have been given with these packs.

Several minor text fixes are made during the game.

Nostura's Companion Bundle: When gamers get an Intellect Devourer Provider from this package, it's now correctly Epic quality, improved from Uncommon, to suit the tooltip.

Brand of the Sun once more creates Divinity following its goal expires.

Shadow Wolf: This bracket can now correctly and always be retrieved at any moment when it was bought during the Call to Arms: Pit Fight occasion.


Following server upkeep earlier now, the most recent patch for Neverwinter has become live.  

Nostura's Companion Bundle: When gamers get a Pewter Golem companion in the package, it's now correctly Uncommon quality, diminished from Rare, to suit the tooltip.

Shroud of Souls: Morlanth no more wrongly resets if the participant utilizes specific forces inside her experience.

Vampire's Craving once more correctly activates when the participant triggers a Life Steal effect.

Players that bought the Knight of this Feywild Bundle, Guardian of Neverwinter Bundle, or Hero of the North Bundle can now always recover the bunch contents through the Reward Claims Agent.

A new patch was comprehensive and published for Cryptic Studios' free-to-play MMO name Neverwinter.  Model NW.80.20170515e.17 includes modifications to the material and environment, battle and abilities, items and market, functionality, and much more.  Have a look at the Complete listing for all the particulars:

Shadow Wolf: This bracket can be lost, but since it can't be retrieved on precisely the exact same character, it's not suggested to do this unless the character has a Shadow Wolf bracket at the stable.