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Mining and Smithing Work Again

Long time ago, Mining and Smithing could not work and no one can make RS Gold through the two skills. And most of them thought they would not work at all, but now, they work back to us, welcome to play.

This was the top answer from long-term players currently on a break, and third most popular from current RS players. You completely surprised us with this one – it's the Smithing and Mining Rework!

This is the real joy of asking what you want – we've talked and talked about this for years, but we thought you weren't that excited about it compared to the big shiny stuff. Well, we were wrong - and you told us in your thousands.

We're committed to make Smithing and Mining as awesome as they can be. Whether that means new training methods, we're not sure yet - but a priority is making the gear level-relevant. No more rune platebodies at level 99!

Once we've moved things about, we will then be looking at the higher levels of Smithing, ensuring that the skill – along with Mining - is really worth training. These reasons will - naturally - include some top end gear that can complement or give cheaper alternatives to the bigger-hitting gear from drops, without replacing or undermining them.

During your leveling Mining, you may get some gears and equips, you can exchange them to gold instead in GE, and then you can sell them to other buyers like us. You can make real money then to buy good items or weapons again to enjoy the game.

Dont hesitate to ask how this works, you know not every one knows how this works, this is new method now. Our company guys have made much Runescape Gold so far through this method and we sold them to common buyers with big amount. If you know how this method works, you will get much gold as well.