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Why are F2P-restricted server so important ?

Do you know what is F2P and what is important point of F2P? I would like to talk about this with you on this article. If any questions, you can visit 4rser to ask and get help out.

F2P is, was and always will be the place and the setting for RSC pking where everything is in fine balance without overpowered spells and near infinite prayer supplied by prayer potions leading to obsolete ranged. Therefore, in order for old and new players alike to experience the game the way the majority of PKers experienced it back in the day, having such servers is of paramount importance and something that without this game is but a pale shadow of its true form.

F2P also creates demand for items and RS Gold that currently are of little or no use due to them not having any real appliances in the P2P worlds, all in all it would have a positive impact on the game economy.

Jagex, let's not forget where this game and your company came from. Free-to-play PKing pre-2004 is part of the reason you guys are around today. As a former player mod I can only hope you guys open your eyes and at least give a free-to-play world a shot to paying members at the very least. You just announced it'll be open for the rest of the year, please open a few free-to-play worlds.

Rsc hasn't been same since a f2p version, servers are getting cheaper and cheaper, especially specs specific for rsc , Jagex y'all can afford it .played 14 years so far and f2p would make the player base all very very ecstatic.

Pking belongs into a F2P world, without a F2P world there is no real pking and without real pking there is no RSC. this need to come back. I like the idea of a f2p restricted server. this way we don't lose bank space but we can pk traditionally. I wouldn't even care if we lost 1/5 of the current servers to be made one.

I'd be so happy to fight level 5 mages again and black battle axe level 20s. Those were the days, please consider opening an free-to-play world for Classic!

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