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​How To Sell RS Gold to MMOTANK

MMOTANK.COM Website is buying huge amount Runescape now, we have big demand every day due to more and more orders from buyers. We provide you reasonable price to you and instant payment. Then why you can choose us to sell?

Safety. We are legit website and safe 100%. We have owned game business for around seven years, we are taking gold from sellers every day. We have great respect in the industry. Someone thought we are seller and dont need to buy. They are wrong.

Demand. We have 1000M RS 2007 Gold and 7000M RS3 Gold demand per day. We have limited guys team to make gold, so demand exceeds supply happens every day.

Price. We provide you highest price in the game market, and you can not find another buyer with that price definitely.

Payment. Instant payment we do through PayPal. No charge back forever.

Normally you can visit our Live chat or Skype to sell Runescape gold. We will give you an offer then you tell us your mind. When we make an agreement then we can start delivery. We will ask our trader what world and location and his character name before delivery happens. Then we get those all information to you and you can go to that place we tell you. After you arrive, we will confirm your character name and trade gold amount again. Then you can start sending trade request to our trader, we will accept and trade completes.

After trade completes, we will confirm with you how much RS gold we receive finally. And calculate how much dollars you will receive according to the price we talk at first. Then you provide us your PayPal account email, we will send Money to you instantly. After payment sent, we will give you transaction ID to let you confirm if you receive your Money.

Sell RS Gold to MMOTANK now, we can establish long-term cooperation relationship. Make money in game then save money in life, which is amazing. We welcome every one who has big amount Runescape Gold to sell to contact with us at any time, we support 24/7 online service.