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Runescape New Game Client Now Live for Everyone

Runescape has new Client comes out now, this is good news to all players who are playing or want to play this game. For the new client, our website would like to provide us some information about the news, hope it is useful to your playing after your read.

This means better RuneScape performance than ever before, and it looks great too – vast viewing distances, dynamic shadows and beautiful lighting effects.

To celebrate, embark on Benedict's World Tour: a globe-trotting mini-adventure that's perfect for taking in the sights.

We've tested NXT extensively, but with millions of system configurations out there, it's inevitable that a few blips will slip through. If you have any issues, don't worry – just click the flag icon on the in-game chat interface or visit the forums, and describe the problem along with your PC spec. The team will get you up and running as soon as possible. At the same time, you can get some Runescape Gold for your new account.

Finally, we couldn't have got here without the legion of testers who logged in during our recent beta weekends, showering us with valuable feedback and digging out pesky bugs. Huge thanks to you all!

Benedict's World Tour

World-weary beast of burden Benedict Encumberyak is missing some important items, and needs you to visit various picturesque Gielinor locales to track them down – perfect for drinking in those glorious NXT visuals.

There'll be eight of these accessible to free players, and eight more that are for members only. You'll get a small XP lamp for every four you collect, and a large XP lamp for collecting either all of the free items or all of the members' items. And member items can be exchanged to RS Gold also. You can use the gold to buy all stuff you want.

If you're not successfully reaching the login screen on the NXT Client we suggest restarting the Client as it should only take a few minutes to get that far.

As it stands we're hoping the load decreases as the day goes on for the meantime you can of course continue to play in the world of Gielinor in the Java Client as you pre-load the NXT Client.

After playing on old client, you can try to use the new client. When you are playing runescape and making Runescape gold, hope you can have more fun on the new client.