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Madden Ultimate Team is a unique mode of the game

Here comes the Majesty of Electronic Arts. Madden’s latest version has taken the simulation to a whole new level with the introduction of ‘long-shot’ mode. Featuring the role of Devin Wade, the interface allows you to start in the backyard of the former high school star which advances into the decision of passing the ball or not.

This was just the beginning. If you fast forward it to 16 years, you travel in a pickup truck after making a few moral choices which ultimately ends you up in the battlefield, while traveling with an array of people. Essentially, if you look at the plot, the game is nothing more than a multi-hour storyline where your job is to get Wade inside the NFL. Pretty impressive, right? What’s more interesting is that if you happen to make the right choices, you might end up meeting Dan Marino. So if you ‘just’ want to ‘play,' then this game might not dazzle your mind since you are supposed to get submerged into the rich storyline.

Madden Ultimate Team is a unique mode of the game which puts your skills and decision-making ability to a great test. You are supposed to select a franchise of your choice and then go for two cornerstone players. Then, you get to face a number of challenges where you also have the probability of earning some coins or pack of cards. It does not only make the experience more exciting but plays a vital role in nourishing your ranking in the game. Once you get the cards, you have the leverage to open them and build out your roster.

This is indeed a very good game and provides a wealth of experience starting from the backyard of Wade’s house, all the way to the franchise manager. Throughout the game, strategic thinking and foresightedness is the key to success.