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Delivery Policy

To protect our company and our customers for security reason, we’ll confirm your your payment details through Verbal verification, which maybe include phone call verification. Your transaction will be arranged into delivery queue and send goods to you as soon as possible once your order is confirmed.

In order to ensure the delivery speed of NBA2K17, please fill in the following information:

1.To ensure that Duration Auction as accurate as possible , the best time is greater than 23 hours.

2.Starting Bid using random prices, for example, using 32,700 instead of 30,000 will help improve the delivery speed.

3.Please complete the payment as soon as possible after fill right the transaction information to ensure that the time is correct you enter.

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  • Visitors
    what a smooth transaction.  These guys are legit.  Thank you so much.
  • Visitors
    Good site for buying golds. i have used many times . it is good and trustable
  • Andy Vang
    Best service with 5 star ,deliver is fast and good custmoer service
  • Visitors
    They're surprisingly good. as mi writing this review I'm waiting a few days for a delivery of EC. it seems theyve been swamped with orders hittin ...
  • Visitors
    Used twice, fast delivery and good communication!
  • Visitors
    I was really sus when I saw a bunch of 5-star reviews. I got 100g on Nostalrius WoW Private Server in like 10 minutes. These 5 star reviews are mos ...
  • Visitors
    This is about to be my third time to make an order on three consecutive days, I currently am lvl 15 and with 300g and everyone thinks I GOT THAT ...
  • Visitors
    very reliable. no scam
  • Visitors
    Jamais aucun problème pour une commande en france je recommande ;)
  • Visitors
    very fast 

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