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Truly trusted site! 5 stars for their customer service. 5 stars for their professionalism! Long live to you and your communication. An absolute fan of your services defying all competition :) Despite my stupidity of having requested a refund, I would recommend them to them with no worries! I'll wait for the time it takes ^^
Feb-21-2017, 22:13:10 PST
Feb-10-2017, 22:45:23 PST
This is no joke... transaction was complete with 5 mins.  Very happy
Jan-23-2017, 19:41:20 PST
what a smooth transaction.  These guys are legit.  Thank you so much.
Jan-16-2017, 08:33:10 PST
Good site for buying golds. i have used many times . it is good and trustable
Jan-15-2017, 23:42:55 PST
Andy Vang
Best service with 5 star ,deliver is fast and good custmoer service
Jan-15-2017, 23:38:28 PST

They're surprisingly good. as mi writing this review I'm waiting a few days for a delivery of EC. it seems theyve been swamped with orders hitting new years and are out of stock right now. This will be my 2nd time ordering from them. Besides having to wait from the lack of stock, they are a great, trustworthy, reliable service.

Jan-02-2017, 22:13:51 PST
Used twice, fast delivery and good communication!
Dec-30-2016, 10:18:10 PST
I was really sus when I saw a bunch of 5-star reviews. I got 100g on Nostalrius WoW Private Server in like 10 minutes. These 5 star reviews are most likely legitimate too. Anyways, yeah, good stuff.
Jan-01-2017, 17:32:24 PST

This is about to be my third time to make an order on three consecutive days, I currently am lvl 15 and with 300g and everyone thinks I GOT THAT from selling quest items and they are all following me and pretending to be my friend whilst they think am the fool, however. I am the one giving them orders to my players in game and EVERYONE thinks I will give them gold, ahahahaha. I love this website and the price is really good, thank you MMOTANK.com

This is legit and a serious review guys, give it a go and it's completely SAFE! Just don't tell people about your gold at a low level like I did, because that was not being smart. Enjoy :D

Dec-26-2016, 13:49:17 PST